Friday, 3 June 2011

Pink! It's someone's new obsession.

Who the fuck though I have no idea. Someone in marketing stuff somewhere. Maybe it's just me - is there a rise in the amount of self-consciously 'girly' crap being sold?


Don't get me wrong, there are places I love pink; roses in the garden for example. I just hate it when it, and it's pastelly brethren are used for some kind of sugary sweet pseudo-femininity marketing bullshit:
"Oh yeah like we need to sell more screwdrivers but like I think we need a new market"
"How about marketing them to women I mean women need to mend their cars and put up shelves too now that they've emasculated all the menfolk. Bitches."
"Uh yeah but how do we market to women?"
"Make them in pink!"

Yeah I buy stuff because it's pink and sparkly, not because I need a decent screwdriver. Fuck you screwdriver marketing people. Pink wellington boots is another one that gets me. Ok market pink wellies for those dumb enough to not make the connection pink + mud = unattractive, but when it gets to the point I can't buy any wellies that don't have pink or lilac trim, that's when someone needs to keep away from me and my NOT PINK screwdriver set.

Have you seen the baby-yarn section in a yarn shop recently? Pastels. Wall-to-MFing-wall. What happened to primary colours for the sprogs? And recently I walked round the corner into the kids section of a well-known clothing retailer to find it was all sugary sweet PINK. I may have said a bad word loudly. There was a time I envied kids because they got the coolest clothes in the best colours. Apparently my childhood with it's bright red dungarees, blue t-shirt and yellow wellies was in someway not rigid enough in its training for gender roles. Must be why I'm not a simpering fucking moron then. And why MrK is making the tea, the poor emasculated bastard.


Mara said...

Do we need to go and torment some spotty Saturday Boys again?

Maytheweed said...

Aww bless the poor confused Saturday Boys. It's not their fault.