Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sea, stones and apple pies.

This weekend Wuffacynn held a blot to the goddess Ran on a beach in Suffolk. Ran is a goddess of the sea who takes drowned sailors to her hall.

The waves churned and heaved themselves over each other onto the beach, sucking at the stones with a roar while the wind whipped the salt from the water into our faces.

Bloody hell it was cold.

About twenty of us braved the chill and many great toasts were made; we told of ancestors lost at sea and Ran was hailed loudly. We offered sprats to the wights of the ocean and scattered flowers on the waves in memory of those who have died at sea over the centuries.

Afterwards we huddled round our cars for the feast. Everyone had pulled together a lovely spread as per usual, with those who'd brought along camping stoves and hot food and tea topping my favourite people list. I took apple pies ...

... which disappeared at a fair old rate. Maybe I'll post the recipe sometime!

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Mara said...

Hmmmmm me wants apple pie now.....