Thursday, 24 February 2011

Apple Pie recipe

Here's the recipe for 24 of my mini apple pies...

For the filling you need 6 bramley apples (peeled and chopped), the juice of two lemons, half a cinnamon stick (or equivalent ground cinnamon), 2 or 3 cloves, a pinch of nutmeg and some demerara sugar. Put everything but the sugar in a pan and heat gently until it all disintigrates into mush, you will probably need to add a little water. Once it's mushy remove the cinnamon sticks and cloves and add demerara sugar in small amounts until it tastes right to you.

While that's all mushifying you can make the pastry. Rub 10oz Stork Hard Margarine (or fat of your choice) into 20oz self raising flour (plus a smidge of salt) and then add enough water to make a dough. (I did this in two batches as that's a lot of pastry plus I only have one 12 pie mini pie tin thingy).

Then get creative with pastry cutters and a mini-pie tin. I brushed milk on top of my pies and added a sprinkle of demerara for crunchy tops. Then bung them in an oven at 180degreesC for ooh about long enough to get golden brown on top.

PS I make no apology for the Imperial measurements. Bloody foreigners. Grams? Grams? Is that a sensible unit of measurement for flour? I don't effin' think so.

Mmm pie.


Mara said...

Well I was thinking about posting my chocolate cookie recipie on my blog but it's in grams and you've scared me off now.....

Maybe I need apple pies to get me over the fright hehe ;-)

Maytheweed said...

Apple pies definitely help with fright. They should be available on the NHS.