Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Crafty bits

I've finished my very first ever jumper! Hurrah!

I can't get decent pics indoors so it'll have to wait until the weekend. Boo!

At the weekend I will waffle about it until you are bored to tears. Hurrah for me! Boo for you!

In the meantime ... Mara and I went to a beading fair at the weekend and I managed to only spend moderately too much money. I got two of these lovely pendants:

They are pretty amazing and my crappy little digital camera in indoors light just can't do them justice I'm afraid. Somehow there's a real aspen leaf in there. It's like magic only more precise.

Unfortunately matching findings (for non jewellery makers - findings are the functional bits, the earring hooks, clasps etc) are hideously expensive so I bought some gold plated earring hooks for them. When I got home I cobbled together a pair of earrings with some gold wire and a couple of garnets:

I'm going to keep my eye out for some beads that work with both the colours of the leaf and the gold findings. I suspect that, even if I could find decent ones, copper earring wires would irritate my ears so I'll be sticking with gold and I feel the need to bridge the colour gap between leaf and findings. The red garnets aren't doing a bad job for the time being but this definitely feels like a temporary solution.

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