Monday, 7 March 2011

Goddesses in bikinis

Interesting how we project our current culture onto the gods, isn't it? Do a google image search for Freya, go on I dare you. There's no actual porn on the first page, you're relatively safe. In fact type in the name of pretty much any goddess and you get the same thing. For the less SEXAY ones you get more pretty pretty girliness than T&A, but search for Freya or Aphrodite you get a lot of tits and fake tans. Not that the somewhat wet pretty pretty stuff is much better in my book. At least the bikini goddesses are probably having a good time, not just sitting by a brook and sighing a bit.

Where's the power in all of this? It sure as hell isn't being portrayed by most of these pictures. It's being made safe, neutralised, turned into something our culture can understand with it's teenage-boy understanding of sex. It's so one dimensional. Real life women are so much more than T&A and if it's true for us, how much more true must it be for our goddesses?


Mara said...

Well I got a mix of Norse stuff, cartoons (who looked like they were rather Manga orientated) and Freya lingerie.... But I have to fess up that I'm wearing one of their bra's at the moment.

Hey maybe a comfortable bra is a Goddess thing :-)

Maytheweed said...

If you filter out the Victorian pics (which have their own agenda), manga and Freya lingerie (and why did they call it Freya, eh?) it's pretty sad.

Robin said...

Rather akin to all the pictures of a castrated Pan, some of which look like he ought to be in a boy-band.

Maytheweed said...

Hmm interesting that pictures of a god commonly associated with sex go in that direction, which is opposite to the direction of the goddess images. Although I suppose in some ways the cosmetically altered and hairless 'idealised' female form is also 'castrated' in that wombs are entirely unecessary for the fantasy. And in fact would be an inconvenience!