Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wind in my sails

Well, I'm well and truly out of the doldrums. Since that whingy post I have cast on three items; a pair of plain socks in a funky coloured yarn, a squishy purple toy for a friend who's expecting (shh it's a secret - the toy not the baby) and the lacy jumper Cherie Amour from Knitty in a blue through purple squishy acrylic (yay for machine washable yarn!) although I only got two rows of the latter done before realising I'd twisted as I joined the round and had to frog. Doh!

I also pulled out my sewing pattern and fabric only to find that my blouse really wasn't going to come out of the silk I had. So I zig-zagged the raw edges of my back-up plan red cotton and washed that, so I'm ready to go on cutting the pieces out. Stop me or I'll burn out.

Now I have some delicious purple silk which is hanging around with nothing to be...

Oh and now I remember what I was supposed to be doing with this time! I'm giving a talk to my local Pagan Moot on the Basic of Heathenry next Monday and have I planned? Have I feck.

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