Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Yum yum yum

This is one of my favourite suppers:

It's a savoury bread and butter pudding.

This recipe makes enough for supper for me and MrK and we're greeeeedy. It would serve 3-4 with a side of some sort (baked potatoes maybe?). I make it in a lasagne dish, any shallow dish would work.

You need:
Yummy savoury bits (caramelised onions, fried bacon, mushrooms... whatever)
4 eggs and 1 extra just in case
A Ciabatta loaf or other tasty bread product, can be borderline stale.
Butter. Real butter. None of that marge crap.
Salt, pepper, herbs of your choice

1. Cook any of the savoury bits that need cooking; soften your leeks or brown your onions, fry your bacon and mushrooms etc.
2. Cut the bread into slices and butter the slices (I only butter one side and I don't go too mad with the butter) and also grease the dish.
3. Arrange the slices in the dish and shove the savoury bits down between the slices.
4. Break 4 eggs into a measuring jug and add roughly half as much milk as you have eggs. (So if your eggs come up to the 100ml mark, top up to 150ml with milk - this isn't an exact science though so just slop in some milk). Beat a little and add your seasonings of choice. Pour this mix over the bread and bits, making sure all the bread gets dampened. If your bread's standing well out of the egginess, mix up a little more with your spare egg and top up.
5. Put it to one side for an hour to soak up all the juices.
6. Top with grated cheese and bake at 180degreesC until the egg is cooked and the top browned. About half an hour.

There are loads of variations you can make with this. Made with brioche it's so sweetly savoury it's wicked. Good quality chunky beefburgers cut up make excellent, if bulky, 'savoury bits' and sometime I'd like to try it with chicken. I bet it would be great with croissants too. A caramelised onion and mushroom version is an extremely tasty veggie meal.

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