Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I'm feeling in the doldrums a bit craft wise. I just finished a major knitting project in the form of my jumper and don't feel like putting any time in on either of the current ongoing projects. First up is a moss green mohair shawl which has very long rows in a very boring stitch. It'll be lovely when it's finished, if I can ever face the monotony of those huge rows. Also it's a mohair/silk blend yarn and on metal needles it's somewhat slippery and although it's boring knit-in-your-sleep stuff, it therefore requires concentration. Argh! There is also a lovely scarf knit in one of Mara's gorgeous yarns in a simple but pretty lace pattern. I just don't feel like knitting it right now. For the first time in months I'm sitting in tea-break at work and not knitting. Most odd.

I have made a mock-up of the blouse I'm planning on sewing and it fits really well. So now all that's left to do is take my chosen fabric (beautiful plummy purple silk), check I can get the blouse from the yardage I have (backup plan is a nice deep red cotton), pre-shrink the fabric, cut out the pattern pieces and sew it all up. I just don't feel like doing it. Specifically I don't feel like doing all the preamble; if I had the bits of fabric cut out already I'd be sewing away merrily.

Part of the preamble is the fuss of getting my machine out and set up, clearing space etc. Fortunately MrK and I have just become a 0-PC household, both having laptops, which has freed up some space for a crafty-corner for Maythe. Having some space specially set aside will make it much easier to tap into the fleeting feeling of 'oh I fancy doing X' which at the moment is often shut down by 'oh but I'll have to clear the table and get out the stuff which is under the other stuff and oh I can't be bothered'. 

Of course we actually have to get round to clearing the space, buying a table, moving the bookshelves, ferrying my stuff upstairs... so maybe by next winter I'll have a craft corner.

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Mara said...

Ah there is nothing like having the sewing machine all set up to encourage sewing. Perhaps we need a fabric shopping exhibition to insire you?