Friday, 25 March 2011

So what's with this blogging malarky?

Here I am with this shiny new blog and having a great time talking to myself and a few passers by (and one or two friends who are willing to read my gabblings) and I occasionally have to ask myself

What on earth is the point?

I enjoy writing, so I guess that's a reason.  My creativity does seem to seep out of me in little unfocussed spurts; a bit of blog writing here, half a poem there, a knitted jumper, a sewn bag, a crap drawing of Thor, a necklace and a weed ridden garden. If only I could focus I'd be like some kind of creativity god wizard thing. Or not. 

I am really enjoying this though, the gods only understand why. I thought I didn't care whether anyone read it but my mild (ahem) obsession with the stat page suggests otherwise. Maybe all art only really becomes complete when there's an audience? Art...?! This? Pah *cackle*

So, gentle reader, do you blog? Why the feck do you do it? Egomania? Promoting a business? Because it's more socially acceptable than muttering to oneself?


Mara said...

I'm going to go with it being part of my obsession to overcome my fear of writing... Tis the same reason I write a diary.

Maytheweed said...

You write well! I had no idea you were afraid of it. Practising writing is a reason I do it too, especially the gardening blog.