Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some inspiration

I love the fresh young leaves of Lady's Mantle. The way water hangs on them, the way they're so neatly pleated from the centre, even the colour of them is just fantastic. Looking at some the other day I pondered whether it would be possible to make anything of similar form by knitting or sewing fabric. The outer edge is much longer than a simple circle of its radius because of all the pleats so I imagine if you were sewing you'd make pleated wedge shapes and then join them up, but the centre would be difficult to keep neat, if not impossible, with all those seams coming together. It might be easier to create that extra volume in a knitted fabric but then you'd probably need some sort of support to keep the shape, although I suppose you could make the knitted fabric so dense it was very stiff. With individual stitches I'd imagine you could build them up in a way that mimics the arrangement of cells.

Am I going to do it? Hell no. You think I have time for that with all the blogging and computer gaming I do?

Sometimes I wonder, just for a moment, whether my priorities aren't a little skew whiff.

(Also, that would require mad crafting skillz which I clearly lack.)

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