Monday, 11 July 2011

Awesome Hat!

Yesterday I finally finished the slouchy hat pattern I test knitted for Mara:

I'm really pleased with how it came out and the yarn (Rowan Cocoon) is perfect for the pattern with its sheen and halo. I think Mara should be really proud of herself - an excellent first pattern. I'm willing to bet there'll be more pattern treasures incoming from her direction... Hurrah!

For a little while this hat felt cursed; I had to restart several times, all due to daft knitter sydrome. First I realised 8mm needles for the body of the hat were too small for my extra tight gauge and had to restart on 9mm. Then I forgot to change up needle size after the rim and had to restart again. Then I missed out a couple of rows between the increases. Then the double pointed needles I ordered (as I was on a cable needle and would need the needles for the crown) were wrong. Twice. But now it's done! Yay!

I was a bit unsure about this style of hat on me but I rather like it. I might knit another less slouchy one for variety as it was a quick and straightforward but fun knit which would certainly bear repeating.

Post edited to change Mara's link over to her new blog.

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