Saturday, 2 July 2011

Quietly does it

You may or may not have noticed I've been a bit quiet lately*. This is partly because I've been putting lots of time into my gardening blog Sproutling Writes and reading other gardening blogs and consequently somewhat neglecting the crafty/pagan/life blogs I follow. I expect this is a trend which will continue with me posting here every week or so, and more often over at Sproutling. So I'm not going to disappear completely, worry ye not (see you can stop hyperventilating in fear now) but I will be a little less frequent with my posts. I'll try to make up for it by making my posts noisier or more offensive or something.

All this blog wrangling has eaten into crafty time too and while my skirt is nearly there, and the hat coming along nicely after a couple of false starts (full story of both later) they have definitely slowed down, even beyond my normal tortoise like pace. It's like that episode of Red Dwarf with wierd time pockets. Gardening blog life seems to happen at zip speed. Craft life at snail speed.

Look! A cat!

Arthur says my readership is far too intelligent to be bribed into staying with cat pictures. I would suggest intelligence isn't a defence against cat bribery, especially when the cat in question is our lovely Rincewind.

*I think someone stole my brain. It took me several attempts to spell 'quietly'. Some of which didn't involve putting a 'u' after the 'q'. Damn zombies.


Mara said...

Rincewind photos work for me ;)

Tink said...

Rincewind is so handsome!

Maytheweed said...

If only he had brains to match his looks!

Sara said...

Huzzah! Kittehs! Rincewind is lovely. He has a very strong, aquiline nose. What a noble cat.

Maytheweed said...

Hah! Noble? Rincewind? He's a loon of a cat with a deficit in the courage area. He may look calm and collected in that pic but... did you ever read Hyperbole and a Half? (If not google it - do it now!) Well, Rincewind is Simple Dog in cat form. We love him dearly.