Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Day Trip. Another One.

This weekend Mara and I went to the Knitting and Stitching show with her new squeeze. MrK would have been bored out of his skull before we even got there but Mr. New Squeeze was interested and helpful and cheerful throughout. I may have to send MrK over for lessons. (Only joking. I don't really consider the inability to happily spend 6-7 hours at a knitting expo a flaw requiring correction.)

I managed to stay within budget by the clever tactic of leaving my card in the car and only having cash with me. This was my yarn haul:

Colour! Hurrah! I'm wondering what on earth to do with the gorgeous lace-weight silk in the bottom right that won't result in clown barf. Maybe I should keep the skein as pet yarn and just admire its lovely colours and stroke it occasionally, rather than knitting with it.

I also got a clever device called an umbrella swift which will take some, if not all, of the swearing out of winding yarn from the skein into a ball. For the non-yarnies among my readers a skein is what you see in the picture above where the yarn is twisted into a rope and round upon itself. When opened out that's like big loops of yarn and needs to be wound into a ball before it can be knit up. This process is not conducive to calm or air clear of F%&$!!!, at least not for me. The fancier the yarn the less likely it is to come already wound into balls like the one in the centre of the pic.

I need to buy a new yarn storage box. Again. Damn.


Julie said...

I know exactly what you mean about yarn that looks wonderful in the skein, but 'clown barf' (brilliant phrase)when knitted up. I have a small collection reserved for stroking only. And you've reminded me - yarn swift, that's what I'll ask Father Christmas for.

Mara said...

'Mr New Squeeze'!!! Oh my that'll get some comments if he ever sees it LMAO!

Maytheweed said...

Julie - maybe I should buy it a special bowl to sit in! By the way I can't claim ownership of 'clown barf' I think I first came across it on Ravelry.

Maytheweed said...

Mara - I hope he won't be annoyed at it!