Monday, 30 May 2011

Arthur got a new home ...

... and I got a crafty nook!

All thanks to the joys of modern technology. This cramped corner used to contain my PC and MrK's was roughly where I stood to take the photo. Our poor guests used to crash on a nasty old futon at the other end of the room. Well, now we're a 0 PC/2 laptop household there is no need for permanent desks in an 'office'. Ridcully the cat thinks it's ace that I can update the blog from the sofa, he doesn't care his presence makes occasional typos and misclicks.

MrK and I have spent the day sorting out the junk and hoovering like mad (if dust is mostly skin cells it's a wonder we haven't disappeared). I commandeered the bookcase and dining table and after much rummaging some kind of order was brought to crafty chaos.

You know going through my stuff has made me realise my habit of buying extra bias binding 'in case' and always getting thread to match fabric I'm stashing might need reviewing. Also my yarn and fabric stashes really aren't that big. They're quite restrained really. Look - on the right, my fabric stash only fills one and a half sections of bookcase (ignoring the bags and bags of scraps, fat quarters and old clothes I'd like to hack about). And the two boxes on top are yarn; theyre quite big boxes I'll admit but I've just been to my MIL's place and I reckon she could stuff all the mattresses in their four bedroom house with yarn and still have some left. So two boxes is pretty good.

Oh and I spent almost all of yesterday on my skirt which is going much better now, hurrah!

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