Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Blog Revamp Shenanigans (and Arthur)

Yay! Look I revamped my blog. It's all shiny and orange and purple. I get that that may not be a colour combo that makes everyone jump with joy but, whatever, it's my blog and I'll clash if I want to.

And look, as if by magic we have an Arthur.

I was going to call him Alfred after King Alfred the Great but no, he wants to be Arthur. Arthur originally came into my life as a 'Paint Your Own Gnome' kit (recommended age 5-10) courtesy of my sister. She knows me so well. He was carrying a watering can which became beer (it's a good real ale - he has excellent taste in beer) and a packet of crisps:
He's Heathen of course and his runic ring carries the Anglo-Saxon blessing 'Alu' which coincidentally means 'ale'. Those Anglo-Saxons knew a good blessing when they found one.

So, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Think Arthur should kick me out and take over the blog first, then the world?


Tink said...

Arthur is awesome! I love the flamey boots!

Nothing wrong with orange and purple, either :)

Maytheweed said...

Thankyou! :)

Robin said...

Arthur looks like a classy gnome of the world.

Maytheweed said...

I'm not sure about classy, he swears too often for that.