Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Project Spectrum

I've recently dicovered a whatjamacallit called Project Spectrum.

I'm not sure it's a blog meme really because it all started on Ravelry with people working on crafty projects of a particular colour at a particular time. It's expanded, apparently I'm a latecomer, both to the idea in general which has been going for five years, and to this incarnation which started at the beginning of May. I will be focussing on one colour per month, along with other Project Spectrummers and will post pics of things of that colour, maybe work on knitting or a sewing project in that colour, cook things of that colour and generally have fun with the colour of the month. The colour for May is Red/Orange.

 As a lover of colour the idea has immense appeal so here goes... Are you ready for some colour?

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