Friday, 13 May 2011

More Yarn. Oh noes!

Sorry if you couldn't give a shit about yarn and come here for my deep philosophical insights and laugh-a-minute humour but this is another post about yarn. Why yes I have been buying a lot recently. No, no particular reason and yes we can still afford to pay the mortgage. And the yarn stash still fits in its apportioned space as well so take your grousing elsewhere.

I have been on something of a lace-weight lust trip since last weekend's knitting group meeting at which I bought the lovely yarn from Mara. There was some laceweight for sale (not Mara's, though I have an uneasy feeling in my bank balance that she'll be doing some soon) and I kind of wanted to buy some but none of it was 'me' colours. I don't do pastels. The items of clothing in my wardrobe that can reasonably be described as 'pastel' can be counted on one hand and get worn once in a blue moon and probably not then either. And all this yarn was pastel (what was that? knit for someone else? pfft no) or near enough to pastel. I have not been able to get rid of the urge to buy laceweight yarn since.

And then Ann went and linked to a new online yarn store she'd found called Violet Green. And they had laceweight. In 'me' colours. In lots of 'me' colours. Oh dear. I reckon I could sink a couple of hundred quid there with ease. At least. And then today guess what came in the post?

But at least there's only one.

And here's a pic of my cat Ridcully for all you people who think pictures of yarn are boooooring:

If you hate yarn and cats what the feck are you doing reading my blog?


The Waves said...

I don't know much about yarn, but I do love a good kitty picture. What a handsome cat!

Maytheweed said...

He is the handsomest cat ever ;) and his brother is the most beautiful cat ever as I keep telling them. I'm not sure they understand...