Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I foresee leafy lunches

My veg patch is springing in to life. The onions and peas are positively raring along and I have seedlings of various salad stuffs:

These are giant red mustard seedlings. They're a really pretty colour which doesn't convey brilliantly in the picture. I love to grow things of various colours; thinking about the look of the garden and food on the plate, as well as just practicality. One of the gardens I worked on in the past had a huge ornamental potager and that's definitely influenced how I like to grow my veg, probably up to and including the raised bed look of my plot now I come to think of it.

I'm growing more salad this year  which may just be a roundabout way of making more compost as we're not big salad eaters at the moment. I rarely lust after a cool leafy salad in the way I do a bacon and egg sandwich, even though I do like salad when it's there in front of me on the plate (though not as much as the bacon and egg sarnie it must be admitted). But maybe this year will be the year of the salad. Who knows?

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