Friday, 29 April 2011


My package of 6 skeins of Noro Kureyon came a little while ago. I'm going to start the diagonally striped skirt Lanesplitter and will make it short-ish as I like  mini skirts, have pretty good legs and it's less knitting before I have it finished.

I like to have at least two knitting projects on the go at once:

1) Something requiring a bit of thought which makes me learn something new (currently my Blue Love jumper)


2) Something easy I can knit in tea-break at work, whilst a passenger in a car, watching TV or whatever.

Lanesplitter falls into category 2 and some simple socks are currently occupying that slot. I could start Lanesplitter straight away and I'm tempted because it's gorgeous. But if I don't finish the socks first they will languish for ages. Also, it's April. I'm not likely to wear a woolen skirt for another five months unless we have a really shockingly awful summer. But you know, knitting with all those pretty colours in a pattern that is clever but very easy (I'm all for things that make me look clever)... temptation...

By the way I would hate to give you the impression that I'm organised and self-controlled enough to have only two knitting projects on the go at once. At the moment I have four, which is not many by some standards, but the other two are 'long term' projects which it'd be nice if I finished before winter. Which winter I leave to the knitting goddess.

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