Thursday, 14 April 2011

Yummy grub

I just made a really tasty meal and I'm recording it here so I don't forget what I did. No pics - we've scoffed the lot! I intended to make chicken and leek risotto but realised I was missing a vital ingredient - home made stock! It's just not the same with cubes. So I improvised...

I took two leeks and sliced them, softening them in butter. Meantime I chopped two chicken breasts into cubes and then added them to the pan to cook. They released a lot of liquid (damn supermarket chicken - even the organic, free-range stuff has been pumped with water) and so I turned the heat up to reduce this, chopped two good sized mushrooms and some fresh herbs (thyme, oregano and chives), added them to the pan. When there was only a little liquid left, added a mini bottle of white wine (187ml of Chardonnay) and about a tsp of cornflour (corn starch) *.

At this point I put some pasta on to cook, reduced the sauce a bit and added a good lump (probably about 2 tsp) of bought pesto and some grated parmesan (how much? not much, a couple of table spoons maybe?). When the pasta was cooked I stirred it into the sauce and poured it into two greased dishes, topped with more grated parmesan and then put it in the oven on very hot (240C) for ten minutes.

*To stop cornflour going lumpy when added to a sauce to thicken it I usually mix it carefully with a small amount of liquid (some of the wine in this case) before adding it.

Om nom nom ...

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