Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Herby goodness!

I got home from work today and planted up some more of my herb garden. It's coming along really well after my kindred's study group was cancelled on Sunday and I made a trip out to Place for Plants instead. When I got to the till I was really glad I hadn't bought the £100 boots I'd been lusting over on Saturday's shopping trip!
This is only a sample of my purchases. Once you include the pot it wasn't far off the sexy boots in price.

The herb beds surround the three 4'x6' veg beds, giving me 40 feet of 2' wide border, forming three sides of a rectangle. The area closest to the house has the most used culinary herbs; oregano, chives, parsley, sage and thyme, plus lavender because I want to walk right past it as often as possible!
The long side has lemon balm, sorrel, feverfew, catmint, bergamot, sweet cicily, chervil, salad burnet and pennyroyal. Lovage and lemon verbena will be added soon. I have also planted a honeysuckle to clamber over the arch which leads into the 'ornamental' garden'. I'll be sowing chamomile, marigolds, savoury, borage, coriander and nasturtiums here and in the veg beds.

Out in the wilds of the ornamental garden, which I'm hoping to get in order later this year or next at the worst, are rosemary, fennel, angelica, sweet woodruff, hyssop, valerian, vervain, lady's mantle, southernwood and wormwood. This year the annual herbs will be occupying spots in the herb beds that might later be taken by vertical cordons of cherry and plum, and maybe some autumn fruiting raspberries. Decisions on extra herbs vs fruit will be taken later in the year!

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