Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Would the sunshine please Fuck Off?

In sunny Essex it's, well, sunny right now and has been for days, nay weeks, and probably will be for days or weeks more. We haven't had significant rain since February. We're in a drought. I'm sprinkling the lawns already. I've been wearing shorts, hats and lots and lots of suncream out there. The May flowers are starting already and the soil is cracking. And you know what I'm hearing a lot?

Oh isn't the weather lovely oh I wish it would stay this way forever!


I'm hearing from farmers that if it doesn't let up soon the wheat crop will be drastically effected. I bet people won't be so damn sunny when the price of bread goes up later this year.

People are so divorced from the soil that they cheer for a drought during the time of year most important for the plants getting growing large and strong. Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying a cold beer in the evenings, reading in the garden, but I'm also anxious about the state of the soil and the plants I'm in charge of. It's easy for people to go 'ooh isn't nature ferocious' when a tsunami has just wrecked Japan or they found their driving skills insufficient for 6 whole inches of snow (I coped last winter in a Peugeot 106 on icy single-track country roads ffs) but when their food crops are being threatened they're like ooh sun! giggle

Bah fucking humbug is all I can say.


Zoe (ReviveUK) said...

LOLOL I came here to see your Kindle cover (its fab) and this made me in England hey and you know by June/July it will be like October..well my end mi roses are about to bloom and its not even May yet! ha ha ha

Maytheweed said...

I know it's crazy. Mat office forecast has no rain in the next five days :(

Thanks for popping by and commenting :)