Monday, 11 April 2011

Linkage! And Blogroll blatherings.

Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness has written a fantastic post about why sewing for yourself is great. I feel I ought to say more than that but his post says just about everything I could hope to on the subject.

MPB isn't on my blogroll and that makes me think I need to change how I run it. I'm subscribed to 41 blogs on Google Reader on knitting, paganism, sewing, fashion, feminism and gardening amongst other things. That doesn't include a couple which I can't follow on there (private blogs and ones with no subscribe option) of which there are about 5 I actually have to remember to check. Angry Chicken runs a rotating blogroll with only about five on it at a time and I rather like that idea and am going to steal it. *cackle* So if you've been on my blogroll thus far and disappear, worry not, you'll rotate around again shortly. Please, no death threats.

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