Saturday, 2 April 2011

New Clothes!

My Mum, Sister and I had one of our shopping trips today. Sis and I took Mum to Pizza Express for an early Mother's Day lunch and we all bought lovely things. I got my Sis some clothes from Fat Face for her birthday. Isn't it odd when a store appears which seems to encapsulate someone's style? Well, Fat Face is my darling Sis. When she's not wearing a cagoule and walking boots that is.

The only interesting thing I bought for myself was a shirt from Apricot:

I was a little unsure about the shoulder detail. Being a gardener I have BICEPS OF DOOM which are either scary or chubby looking, depending on whether I'm tensing them or not ('scare the men with my biceps' is a favourite party trick of mine - the little screams of surprise can be amusingly high pitched) and I worried that the shoulder pleats would emphasise them. But fortunately they seem to have the opposite effect and actually downplay my arms.

To go with this I bought some footless tights/leggings. I'm way behind fashion with this legging thing, just as they're about to be fashion carrion I'm thinking 'hey leggings; not such a bad idea'. This is mostly because I take my 'don't give a shit about fashion' attitude too far and fail to notice the good ideas fashion has until I've seen them on the high street on people of all shapes and sizes.

I also saw a lovely waistcoat in Next which doesn't seem to be on their website and I'm feeling a waistcoat/shirt/bakerboy hat thing coming on. Given I have the figure of a Victorian sweep boy this may be a bad idea, but I won't know till I try it. The question is, how to try it out without spending the best part of a ton on waistcoat/shirt/hat? Maybe I ought to buy the waistcoat and then scour the charity shops for the rest. I could knit or sew a suitable hat maybe... hmm...

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