Saturday, 23 April 2011

Kidnapping, Torture and Tea

Yesterday Mara and I made a trip over to Quilter's Haven. She's been there before and despite my protestations she forced me (yes forced, there were armlocks and everything) to go have a look. Of course I only bought things to keep her happy and prevent any more violence. No really.

I've been pondering making a bag and in the presence of so much pretty fabric, decided on a purple one. I bought a pattern after much deliberation and vacillation over whether to bother with a pattern or just wing it. I came to the conclusion life is just easier with a pattern and bought a delightfully wonky one with lots of pockets. All this rummaging through the shop was pure torture. That Mara is a cold hearted one.

Then, just when I thought the ordeal might cease, she dragged me over to the tea shop across the road. I was forced to eat tuna sandwiches and drink huge quantities of tea. It was awful. We were joined by Nicola and her friend (I don't know if she's cool with having her real name on the net) who didn't seem to be part of the kidnapping plot as they were far too nice. Nicola is queen of quilts and looking at the pics on her website makes me a little dizzy. I have made a quilt. One. It was all straight lines and squares and both amazingly easy and quite challenging at the same time (it's currently covered in cat hairs). Hers just look challenging and very, very beautiful.

After that there was more forced tea drinking at Mara's house before I made a daring getaway, vaulting over the front fence, leaping into my own car and racing off, tyres squealing. Phew.


Mara said...

OOOOooooooo Despicable Me :)

easternsparkle said...

Hi - Im cool with my name being out there!! I don't name my kids or anything - they're grown and flown the nest - but I'm out there, loud and proud!! Was nice to meet you yesterday - happy bag making!! ;)

Nicola said...

Hiya - was great to meet you yesterday! And you did look as if you were having a terrible time ;) it must have been awful for you to go to QH for a second look hehe!! Now I really must impress on you about my quilts - they are really quite simple to make and not at all challenging - they might look like that, but if you don't believe me, get Mara to bring you over one day and I'll give you a lesson - it'd be great fun!

Maytheweed said...

It was great to meet you both :) Oh a lesson sounds lovely Nicola!