Monday, 25 April 2011

Woah Blog Award!

Apparently Nicola thinks my blog is awardworthy! How cool is that? Thanks Nicola!
I have to tell you seven things about myself you might not know and pass the award on to five blogs I love.

So seven things about myself...
1) I used to be a member of the dance company at my upper school and was pretty good, if I do say so myself (you know, on a scale of school dance kids I mean, Darcy Bussell didn't have to worry or anything).
2) I'm slick with electronics soldering thanks to my Dad being an electronics design engineer - I did my first soldering at about age 8 and worked for him for a while in my early twenties. I could solder on tiny components designed to be attached by delicate machinery. Go me.
3) I made a corset a while back - maybe I'll post pics one day.

... this is wierd I mean I know blogging is pretty much all talking about yourself, but this listing things about myself feels strange...

4) I've got a 2:1 bachelors degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. Really damn relevant to my career in gardening.
5) I used to do Live Role Play (still might someday) in this system and played a pirate called Bethany who had a dodgy scottish/irish/wierd accent. I'm crap at accents. Drank a lot of beer, played a lot of poker (badly)... ah the good old days.
6) My tastes in music are pretty eclectic but heavy metal is the biggest section on the shelf. The two tunes absolutely guaranteed to cheer me up are Cowboys From Hell by Pantera and Thunderstruck by AC/DC.
7) My favourite ever computer game is Morrowind from the Elder Scrolls series. I just love hugely involved, complicated big world role-play games. Shame there are only a few on the market. Oblivion (next in the Elder Scrolls series) is pretty good too but just doesn't quite come up to Morrowind. I'm REALLY looking forward to Skyrim, the next in the series.

Five great blogs which I hereby reward with this award:
No Signposts In The Sea is cool. Among other things she does outfit posts which really remind me that dressing is fun and about personality, not 'fashion'.
Tylluan Penry is a Welsh witch I met on a forum and I'm always touched by her warm, intelligent posts.
Books and Black Wool is a great sewing blog.
Thalassa's blog Musings of a Kitchen Witch. Which is more pagany goodness from a lovely person.
And finally, Hissy Stitch, a knitting etc blog by a fellow selfish crafter.


booksandwool said...

Thanks a lot for the award!

Maytheweed said...

You deserve it! :)

thalassa said...

I'm so exited about this!

I meant to do mine before now...but its been CRAZY around here.

So, now that I have the kids in bed, the laundry and the dishes done, I finally have a chance.

The hardest part I think will be to narrow it down to 5 blogs that I like :(

Tylluan Penry said...

~Thank you so much, Maythe - I know I'm behind with posting this and passing it on, but I am going to get it sorted asap! Many thanks!