Tuesday, 12 April 2011

True blue love?

About a week and a half ago I had knitted my Blue Love jumper (my version of Cherie Amour) up to the just below boob level and dutifully put it on some waste yarn and tried it on. Woe! It makes me look twice my normal width and utterly shapeless to boot. Waily waily waily! I threw it in a bag and sulked a bit. Ok I sulked a lot. Anyway today I took it out to take some mirror shots to ask the nice people on Ravelry for their opinions and decided it's not as bad as all that, especially if I hoik it down a bit and decide I still have a couple of inches to go to just below boob level.
Sorry about all the crud on the mirror... that's a really poor pic but the other one's even worse. Anyway I'm feeling less blue about my Blue Love.


The Waves said...

It is definitely not bad! I love the colours you have chosen. I really should take more time for knitting, but for whatever reason I never finish the projects I start.

Also, thank you for stopping by at No Signposts. It always makes me happy to hear from people who read my blog! :)

Maytheweed said...

Thank you :) Both for comments and compliment!