Friday, 27 May 2011


Well my skirt's not going great. :(

I have a little pouchy belly ...

**Intermission for the purposes of clarification - I'm not saying I'm fat at all. If I said that several of my friends would lock me in a box and force feed me pies. But a little belly is an inescapable feature of my figure. That is all.**

... and the muslin of my skirt is really doing unflattering things with that belly and I cannot see a way to solve the problem. Now I'm stuck a little because there seem to be two options here:

1) A-line skirts are fundamentally not going to work well on me. I need to give up and find another shape for my skirts.
2) There is some miraculous pattern magic way to fix this that I just happen to not know.

But as I don't really have any A-line skirts in my wardrobe I can't prove or disprove 1) and the basic problem with 2) is I don't know whether there's something I don't know! ARGH!

It's disheartening because I was so fired up and buzzing with ideas and this was going to be my perfect skirt (yeah that should have been my warning sign there - perfect? ha!) and going to be the basis for more skirt shaped fun in the future. And now it's made me feel crappy. Boo.


Gry said...

Hi Maytheweed. I might be able to help, but I need some more information on what exactly the fitting problem is and how your skirt pattern looks like. If you don't like to post pictures of your fitting issue (never good for ones self-confidence to post detailed pictures of unflattering clothes, so I understand if you don't want to), you can send me an email with a picture (there is a link to my mail address on my profile). I have been struggling with a similar problem, so I have been thinking a lot about skirt fit lately.

Gry (from Books and black wool)

Maytheweed said...

Thanks Gry that's very kind - it's going much better now and I've emailed you.