Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A simple A-line skirt

I have decided to make myself a very simple A-line skirt from this gorgeous purple linen:

I've made two similar skirts in the past and neither is perfect so this time I'm making a muslin and adjusting the pattern so that I'll have a good basis for more elaborate skirts in the future. It will have some basic embellishment (buttons maybe?) and will probably be lined but otherwise it couldn't be simpler - two seams, one zip and four darts. Bingo. I really love the rich colour of the fabric too which will look great with turquiose and navy blue spangly bits, plus I have 2.4 metres which means I should have plenty left over afterwards.

The basic pattern is one I made aeons ago following Cal Patch's instructions in 'Design It Yourself Clothes'. I like the book on the whole, although as usual with sewing books her style is very different from mine and requires some imagination on my part to visualise how it would look in my kinda fabrics etc. That's cool, I can do imagination. My only niggle would be that the patterns would not fit a large (or probably even average) busted woman - luckily I'm not, but blouses without darts? Even I like a bust dart in a blouse and I'm a B cup. So if you're small chested it's worth a look, if not ... then you might still like the skirts and trousers but expect to be disappointed with the blouses, dresses and jackets.

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